"I'm noooo fan of the dental arts, but you have to do what you have to do, sometimes, you know?  Get your pearlies clean.  THANK god I have good genes and teeth. . okay maybe, good teeth. . but you get me.  I know Dr. Ito is wonderful. . he liked my car and kept talking about it.  I had to laugh because I kept thinking how did he know what I drove?  But here's the thing, a good doctor will direct your attention elsewhere if you're fearful, and I'm a nervous wreck at the dentist office.  He jokes and makes the experience personal.  The assistants and hygienist are wonderful.  They have headphones and little TV's attached to your dental chair to watch, and for me, I just need something to take the chisel sound away, or the suction.  I don't like chisesl or suction noises in my mouth!  I get my teeth whitened here too.  I drive out of my way to get over there to go to Dr. Ito and his staff."
- Kimberly M.

Dr. Ito and his staff are the best.  They are very sincere caring people.  They never try to make me pay for any extras.  I had a root canal done and was terrified, but they made me comfortable.  The procedure was painless.  I was in really bad pain from putting it off then one day it was unbearable and I got in the next day for it.  I just went in today for a cleaning and I've been going here for 2 years now and said, "I should review them as much as I like them."  Dr. Ito is a very well rounded man and has great taste in music as well.
- Mary T.


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